3 Things You Must Put On Your Business Cards

As bloggers, our marketing arsenals generally include email signatures, Facebook pages, Twitter timelines, but it's crucial to have good old-fashioned business cards at hand for when you meet people offline. 

Even if you're a new blogger, and/or don't go to conferences yet, professional business cards online from https://www.printready.ie/product/business-cards-dublin/ are an important tool for introducing yourself to readers or potential partners. Here's what to include on them:

Logo/Blog header

If you have a logo for your blog, or if it's the same as your header, use this on your business cards; ideally, you want the person with your business card to notice continuity when moving from looking at that to your blog. 

If you have an overarching company that includes your blog, among other things, use the logo for your company. 

Your Blog's Name & URL

Obvious, maybe, but even if your blog name is also your URL, I think you should include both on your business cards, not just the URL. And I always abbreviate the URL to be blogname.com (without the http://…..).

A Photo

If you're a personal style blogger, this is a must. With a photo, your business card will stand out, and trigger in the recipient a memory of when/where they met you. You could use a personal photo instead of a logo if you'd like to, although including a logo generally looks more “professional” to most people.