An Introduction To Proform Exercise Bikes

Proform exercise bikes are considered by many to be the best bike on the market. The company has produced a range of models from their very first bike, the Dual Action, to the Proform Touring and now the Proform Performante. The company produces high quality cycles that are built to last a lifetime. If you are looking for a new exercise bike then you should really take a look at what Proform have to offer.

The Proform exercise bike range features both indoor and outdoor models. For indoor use you get the dual action Proform crossover exercise bike, which is a great all round machine for exercising both the legs and back. The machine offers smooth and effective cardio workouts as well as a resistance training system which will really target the muscles in your arms, legs and buttocks. The resistance levels can be adjusted automatically depending on your fitness level, so you can always challenge yourself and not go too far out of your comfort zone. The dual action bike is so well constructed that Proform have developed it to accommodate even the most severe of workout routines, so that you never feel like you are under too much pressure or in a rush when riding.

The Proform Touring series features models which are aimed more towards the serious rider than the casual exerciser. These bikes have fully adjustable pedals and handle bars which provide maximum steering and comfort while you are riding. You will find several preset programmes available including the all-out hill mode which has been purposely designed to challenge you as you pedal to a hard ride up a steep hill. You also get a simulated ride through a number of different environments including tight urban spaces, virtual mountain trails and off road paths. In addition to the landscapes, you also have the opportunity to test your skills using the interactive challenges that put you into the role of an expert rider.

A lot of thought has gone into the design of each Proform exercise bike and every aspect of the machine is geared towards ensuring that you have a comfortable ride. The frame of these bikes is made from high quality carbon fibre ensuring that you receive a smooth and solid feel while you pedal. Your pedals are fitted with fully adjustable foot pedals so that they can be used whilst you are exercising on level surfaces or indoors. Plus, the pedals are designed to ensure maximum grip even on wet and slippery surfaces so that your confidence levels remain high as you pedal further.

With many different resistance levels available, you are sure to find a Proform exercise bike that can challenge you as a cyclist and give you that every-day fitness boost. The recumbent bikes are loaded with a generous selection of built-in programs so that you can set challenging workouts right before you go to work or keep you motivated over the weekends. The intensity of each program is adjustable so that you can always be challenged no matter what the weather conditions are. The motorbikes also come equipped with a heart-rate monitor to ensure that you achieve the optimum workout by monitoring the amount of oxygen consumed and the intensity of your workout. You can also enjoy the same great performance from the recumbent bikes as you would get from an upright bike by using the handlebars as a training surface. This means that the resistance is the same as with an upright bike but provides an outstanding workout due to the lower resistance.

So, if you are looking for a new type of exercise bike that will give you a great cardio workout in a comfortable environment, then look no further than a Proform exercise bike. They have been at the forefront of exercise bikes for several years and are constantly improving their design and facilities to provide the best possible workout. If you want a bike that will cater for your every need and offer maximum cardio value, then this is definitely the bike for you. If you want something that is moderately priced, offers all the features of a more expensive model, and are easily affordable, then this may not be the bike for you. But if you are determined to take your fitness to the next level, then a Proform exercise bike is definitely the way to go.