An Overview About Concrete Slabs

A concrete slab is a flat, rectangular, reinforced concrete structure that can be dimensioned in length and width but with a smaller depth, and is used in the construction of floors, roofs, bridge decks, etc. You can also purchase concrete slabs online from companies such as MAXRaft.

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There are many designs for a suspended slab in order to develop the ratio of its strength and weight. In all cases, only the bottom side is changed while the top surface is flat:

o Corrugated, here the concrete is discharged into a fluted steel tray. Increases the strength of the slab and stops the slab from bending under its own weight.

o Ribbed slab, here a significant additional resistance is given in 1 direction.

o Reticular slab, here it is given extra strength in both directions.

o Slab in one direction, here the structural strength is in the shortest direction.

o Slab in two directions, here the structural resistance is given in two directions.

The concrete slab building

The concrete slab can be prefabricated or in situ. In precast slabs, the slabs are built in factories and brought to the site where they are lowered into place between steel or concrete beams. It can be factory pre-stressed, on-site post-tensioned, or even become stress-free. 

The main disadvantage of such a slab is that if they do not have the appropriate dimensions, it may not fit. In the case of in-situ construction, the concrete slab is constructed on the building site using a box into which the wet concrete mix called formwork is poured.