An Overview of the Field Force and Field Service Management Platform

The field force management platform or field service management platform, also known as cloud-based or hosted, is a system that integrates with the internet and hardware to enable companies to find vehicles, schedule and dispatch work, manage worker activity, and, in some cases, integrate with worker activity.

In many industries, field force and top field service inventory management are applicable. Some of these are listed below:

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  • Technicians are employed in the cable and telecommunications industry to run telephone lines and install cable into homes and businesses.

  • Mobile nurses are available to provide home care services for the elderly or disabled in the healthcare industry.

  • Engineers in the gas utility industry are available to assist with leak detection and repair.

  • Technicians are needed in industries such as heavy engineering, mining, industrial, and manufacturing to take care of preventative maintenance and fix problems.

Managers of field force management and field service management face a few challenges. Here are some examples:

  • Customer expectation is the first on the list. Customers expect their services to be uninterrupted and restored immediately, regardless of what. Sometimes it can be difficult to understand and meet customers' requirements.

  • Next on the list is lower productivity. It can be difficult for managers to control the field workers, which eventually leads to low productivity.

  • Safety is the next thing to consider. Safety of both drivers and vehicles on duty is an issue that concerns both individuals as well as employers.

  • The cost is another important aspect. The other challenges are maintenance, the skyrocketing fuel costs, and parts inventory.