Are Wood Fired Pizza Ovens A Good Choice?

When you dream of pizza, have you seen a traditional Neapolitan style before your eyes? Closed with tangy sauce and maybe buffalo mozzarella? Do you hear the crispy crust crisis but soft? The smell of fragrant oil and basil? And whether you are discouraged when you learn how difficult it is to find a place that makes good old rural pizza?

Well, why not invest in your own wood pizza ovens and BBQ’s? This oven has been around since dawn time, it seems.

From ancient Rome to artisan bakers today, they have served to carry delicious baked goods to the masses. The first step in deciding whether the ideal wood pizza oven or not for your situation is to determine how much space you have and where you are wanting to accommodate the stove.

This stove comes in various styles – some for indoor use, some for outdoors. Depending on the amount of space you have inside, you might want to choose a smaller refractory oven, precast, which has taken a lot of care and hassle of operating this oven, above the actual hand cast brick oven. If you plan to install an outer oven, then you have more space and more choices.

After you determine your budget and space, you will want to find some good ideas, along with instructions to install and buy kits for wood pizza ovens.