Cairns High School Needs To Be Put Out Of Its Misery

Cairns High School has been in its current location for over 40 years, and has a long history of failing students. While the school is technically in good standing with the public school system, they are not receiving anything close to their fair share of resources or funding.

Cairns High School has a special needs population that is growing every year, and this population would likely benefit from integration into the general school system.

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The Cairns High School has been in need of repair and improvement for years now. The building is outdated, leaky, and in need of a lot of work. This school needs to be put out of its misery and replaced with a new one. Here are some solutions for the school:

1) Renovate the building: This would be the most expensive solution, but it would also be the most effective.

The building is old and needs to be updated in order to keep up with the current trends in education. The money could be used to renovate the exterior of the building as well as the inside.

2) Turn the school into a charter school: This would allow for more freedom and flexibility when it comes to teaching.

This could help increase student engagement and improve overall learning outcomes. It is also possible to turn the school into a magnet school, which would attract top students from all over Cairns.