CNC Manufacturing Using CNC Machining Centers in Sydney

CNC refers to "Computer Digital Control" and describes the use of computers to control and determine how parts are machined. CNC has been in use since the 1970s, before that digital control (NC) was used for production from the 1940s. The advent of computers has greatly increased the speed and repeatability of manufactured parts.

Before the advent of CNC manufacturing.

CNC milling machines are typically used to replace multiple manual manufacturing operations with a single programmed routine that requires less manual intervention than the individual manual steps previously required. Prior to the introduction of CNC manufacturing, individual production processes such as B. drilling, depended heavily on the experience, skills, and judgment of each operator.

In the case of a drilling operation, the operator must select the correct drill, insert it into the drill, select the rotation speed, and then turn the handle to move the rotary drill to the part. If a series of holes is required, the operator must manually move the part to a new location and may have to change the drill bit if the next hole is a different size.

Alternatively, the CNC machining center can be programmed to perform all of the steps involved in manual drilling, inserting the drill into the shaft, activating the shaft, positioning the part under the drill, making holes, and turning the shaft. In addition, CNC machining centers can be programmed to perform many other steps in the process, allowing a large number of complex components to be produced with minimal operator intervention.