Communication Tools for Remote Workers

More and more companies have offered their employees remote workplaces, and some companies even only distribute staff and no offices at all. While working remotely has many benefits, the biggest challenges are communication and collaboration. In this article, we will share five great communication tools that you can get from cloud-based phone systems that will make remote worker collaboration and productivity easier.

You can use a hosted VoIP phone system to make calls over the Internet. VoIP gives employees more flexibility with a telephone that they can use on the go. Apart from desktops or IP phones, remote workers can also use web phones or mobile apps. You can also download remote workly application if you are looking for work from home application.

Why Remote Work Makes Teams (And Leaders) Better

With web telephony and mobile apps, employees can use their extension numbers anywhere as long as they have active internet. With VoIP, remote or home workers can place calls to work lines and manage incoming sales calls or customer support lines. It is important for employees not to use their numbers but to use work lines for better safety and quality control.

It may seem easier to use a cell phone to make calls, but mobile apps also make it easier for employees to call your office phone line. The VoIP mobile application is easy to use and employees can manage their personal and business calls respectively. The mobile application also includes:

Company Directory

Place a conference call

Detention music

Record conversations

Do Not Disturb (DND