Cotton Polo Shirts Are Still Very Popular

It is strange that the platform for the popularity of cotton polo shirt really relaxed way in 1929 on a tennis court. Yes, cotton polo shirts, sport shirts and t shirts you see now being used by many people owes its popularity to the tennis champion Rene Lacoste of France. It was his creation of a short-sleeved knit shirt with collar and placket he added alligator symbol that creates trends in the moment and since then has gone on to become a fashion statement.

Logo embroidery is the parent of the stroke tennis champion. It has made a significant impact to give companies have seen this as a great opportunity to promote their brands. You see cotton polo shirt bearing the company's logo featured prominently worn by employees of the company and is also given as gifts during trade shows and other promotional events. You can buy custom sublimation polo shirts from various online sources.

One of the main factors behind the success of these clothes, apart from the design, is the material used. The original polo shirts are all made of cotton and despite the introduction of many other mixed varieties, premium and pure cotton shirt was in power when it comes to the first choice for many style conscious individuals.

Cotton polo shirts have also been popular due to the fact that cotton is suitable both for single solid color that has become so synonymous with polo. Using color blocks for different areas of the shirt has been tried with some success, but basically it is a single color which remains the preferred choice for the individual.