Custom Men’s Dress Shirts – 3 Highly Helpful Tips Before Buying

Before buying your own custom men's shirt, there are some things you must know.

1. Don't fall in love with a special shirt maker who doesn't take at least 9 measurements.

Some special shirtmakers (especially online) say they have a magical formula and all you need is high weight, and some other descriptions that do not measure the size of your body parts, this generally produces a lower fit than if at least nine measurements are taken.

However, it can still produce the right shirt, but all the other things that are the same will not be better than taking measurements (for example if two different methods are made with the same tailor). You can find the best raglan t-shirts from Blankstyle.

2. Beware of tailors who have too much proud

For many people, especially fine tailors, their work is often regarded as an art form. This can be good and bad. However, sometimes customers end up blindly listening to tailor advice because they think they know the best. This 'pride of tailor' advice can make customers confident who knows what they want when they walk to the store to become uncertain and blindly follow tailor advice.

3. There are many design options displayed to you. Be creative (if you want).

Special shirts for men do not have the ability to show many existing design options for formal shirts. This means that you have to visualize what the clothes are in your mind. Tailors rarely tell customers that they can really put other fabrics in various shirts. There are millions of possibilities with this, but unfortunately, it is very difficult to imagine.

We believe that too often sewing art has become focused on fit rather than design.