Dog Beds – Some Things To Consider

You may have recently acquired a new little furry friend or perhaps a one is your family member already, either way, you'll need a dog bed for Fido. This may seem pretty obvious, but a dog bed is an essential part of your dog's well-being, so choosing the one that bests fits (and you) need is something that requires a little bit of thought.

Dog beds as a Training Tool

No matter the breed of dog, using a dog bed as a training tool is a no-brainer. I rescued Jack Russell puppy about 2 years ago, and the dog bed I bought for her was an essential part of her training. If your puppy is naughty, then 'time-out' in the bed is a great way to prevent bad behaviour. Using the right dog bed right from the off allow your dog to know there is a safe place just for him, where he can relax, and this will help smooth out the training hiccups as well. You can find good quality dog beds on 

Small dog

Small breeds of dogs, such as Terriers and Chihuahuas, cannot retain body heat as easily as larger breeds due to their diminutive size, so to help them stay warm and cosy, consider purchasing a fabric or pillow-style bed. You may have more than one small dog, in which case, having a place where they can all sleep together will help keep them warm and safe. 

Large dog

Large dogs, as a rule, are lumbering great beasts, and typically seem to fall asleep in the most inconvenient places, in front of doors or in hallways – pretty much anywhere that's right in the way! Large dogs also tend to drool, depending on the breed, and cleaning drool off furniture is no fun in anyone's book. A hardy, plastic dog bed is worth considering here, not only is it easy to keep clean but if your dog is spending lots of time in there, there's less drool to clean up elsewhere.