Essential Exercise Equipment for the Disabled to Consider in Australia

Physical activity is important for everyone. The main aspect of successfully completing the program is participating in a mode that is comfortable and convenient for you. Even if you have a permanent or temporary disability, you can find activities and sports that are comfortable for you and also equipped with  innovative designs for easy living.

  • Traditional equipment

Many types of traditional sports equipment can be used by persons with disabilities. For those using a wheelchair, disability sports equipment that emphasizes side pulls and curls on the arms can help strengthen these muscles. If you have limitations with using your upper body, you can focus on lower leg exercises. If you have limited hand-holding skills, you can use drugs or an exercise ball instead.

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  • Ergometer for hands

If you are using a hand wheelchair, an exercise bike is a special-needs exercise that you can use. This machine has several pedals on the side and is mounted on the table. It is designed to increase muscle strength and joint flexion by allowing people with disabilities to step with their hands against an obstacle.

  • Portable lying machine

There are recumbent machines that are portable and designed for people with disabilities. The machine is integrated into a hydraulic cylinder system which reacts to user forces by adjusting the pressure applied. People with disabilities press their legs downward when walking and sitting to test endurance and train the lower body. There are also recumbent bicycles available as exercise equipment for the disabled.