Everything You Should Know About Invisalign Treatment

For people who have problems with crooked teeth, the only possible treatment is metal braces. This was the scenario until cosmetic dentistry developed the Invisalign dental procedure. With outstanding results and a painless procedure compared to traditional braces, liners have greatly changed the way dentistry treats the problem of irregular teeth.

So, how exactly does this procedure help, and how do these aligners work? A few of these questions are answered below to give you a better understanding of the finest Invisalign treatment and its benefits.

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What is the Invisalign procedure?

Invisalign treatment uses a transparent liner that is practically invisible on the teeth. They are designed according to the user's tooth structure and the aligner is replaced weekly as repair occurs. They are also easy to remove and install and do not interfere with the daily activities of the person wearing them.

What problems can be solved with the help of aligners?

Invisalign treatment can help you deal with problems such as cavities, crowding, and uneven teeth.

Who can be treated with Invisalign?

Anyone suffering from improper tooth structure can undergo this procedure. Whether you are a student, professional or senior; aligners are by far the least complicated and painless way to treat tooth structure problems.

How long is the procedure?

The time it takes to achieve the desired result varies from person to person. Your dentist will first perform a thorough examination and only then can you advise on the exact duration of the procedure. On average it takes a few weeks to months or at most a year to achieve perfect results (depending on the severity of the dental problem).