Features Of Manual Capsule Filling Machine

There are many capsule filling machines on the market. However, not all hand encapsulations meet the required safety standards.

There are also many manual encapsulation machines with different production capacities available on the market. You can also get more information about capsule filler through the web.

capsule filler

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Following are the main features of a good machine for manual capsule filling:

• Purchase a machine for manual filling of acrylic capsules

Both parts of the capsule filling system must be made of acrylic. This is because acrylic material is strong, transparent, impact-resistant, and impact resistant.

• Assembly and disassembly should be easy

This makes the disassembly and cleaning process simple and easy. Such machines for manual filling of capsules have detachable screws and pins.

• Ensure cleanliness and compliance with cGMP

All screws and pins are made of stainless steel and the entire cover is made of acrylic glass. This makes the manual encapsulation machine hygienic according to the cGMP standard.

• Maximum production

Production may vary depending on the size and type of manual capsule filling machine. Note that the production rate is estimated as the number of capsules per time.


The principle of operation of manual capsule fillers is simple. As you can see, it only covers three basic steps which you can easily master without rigorous training.