Find House Painter In Coffs Harbor

Choosing a paint color for your exterior or home is an important decision. You want to highlight the best features of your home without clashing with the neighbors. The soft colors of the house aren't fun, but you also don't want to be too bright and crazy or you'll upset the neighbors and people will wonder what you were thinking.

Before choosing a color you like, it is important to consult with the government to see if there are local regulations on paint colors in your area. You may qualify for a tax credit or other relief if you try to restore your home to its original color, depending on how old your home is. You can find the professional roof painter via

For starters, you might want to take a walk around your neighborhood and take photos of a few houses you like. If you go back and look at the photos, you will find a similar theme and this will help you determine what style and color you prefer.

Consider the age of your home, the color of your neighbor's house, and your landscape to choose the right exterior paint color for your home. You may also want to match the paint color of your house to the color of the roof – don't paint your house the same color as the roof, make sure the colors complement each other.

Choosing an accent color from the same family as the main color of the house but a little darker can make your home look smaller. Having a secondary color that is lighter than the primary color of your chosen home can make your home appear larger. 

With one primary color and two or three secondary colors, you should have enough variety to keep things going after they've been painted.