Game Art Design and Other Jobs in the Video Game Industry

Despite the economic downturn, the video game industry is still thriving and growing. It's almost like making a movie today. Some video games actually have budgets that are larger than movies. Star Wars and Halo take years to create and can cost millions of dollars. They return ten times as often, which is okay.

There are many types of jobs available in the videogame industry. Some are entry-level positions that can be obtained after completing a degree at a college for video game design.  You can also check out the latest news and reviews online about video games and their design.

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Many people who want to work in the gaming industry know of this job. Some people mistakenly believe that this job is all about the title. This job is often called Quality Assurance in the software industry. Video game testers stress test and find bugs in games. They also record the results. They provide feedback on playability, as well as any other issues that producers and developers may ask for.

2D Concept Artists almost always have an art degree or a portfolio of creating creative images digitally. These artists are artists. They create ideas on paper or screen before they do any actual work. 3D character builders require experience with rendering software. The experience is gained through either hands-on training or formal education such as going to school for art and game design.