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Palestine: Provision Of Emergency Medical Care

Palestine faces another dangerous escalation of violence, with hundreds of people injured and in dire need of assistance.

After decades of violence and human rights abuses, Palestinians continue to feel insecure in their own country. The economy is affected by political instability and persistent violence. Blockages cause chaos every day. You can also contribute to palestine donation online via

There are many organizations that help provide emergency medical and vital assistance to all those affected by the violence and in need. A third of Palestinians now live below the poverty line.

Thousands of families are struggling with financial problems. Your donation can give Palestine the help it needs. Donate now and save lives.

With your support, the Aid can provide emergency assistance to those struggling with the ongoing conflict. Will you help them? How can you help Palestine?

Even though tensions are very high and the pandemic continues, they are ready to help Palestine now. They will provide life-saving care in areas where the health system is struggling to cope.

In Gaza, the Aid team is working intensively, providing essential medical care, sponsoring orphans, and distributing food packages and personal protective equipment to ensure the safety of health workers.

With your support, they can help end this pandemic fairly by providing personal emergency equipment and vaccines throughout Palestine.

About half of the people in Palestine need vital aid and water. Islamic Aid works locally to support people in need across the region. Help save lives now.