How Printing Can Save Your Money

Great Printing, also known as offset printing, is considered the most common approach to mass printing. While digital printers come close to the high-quality prints a litho machine can produce, no digital printer is truly capable of handling this level of volume and quality.

Digital is usually designed for short-term printing and therefore really cannot compete with offset litho printers equipped for high volume printing.

Summer pressure is based on the basic principle that water and oil do not mix. A flat work surface is used and the flat surface is treated with oil and water. Oil-based ink areas will be painted on the photo and wet areas will resist oil-based ink. You can also get business stationery printing services at

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Once the platen is pressed against the surface to be printed on, your oily ink areas on the image only leave traces on the artwork, preserving unprinted smudges without ink.

With digital printing, you can change your printing concept and print one at a time. At first glance, they look a lot cheaper than litho, simply because they don't use "printed circuit boards".

During casting, plates are developed for each print job, which can be expensive if ordering several hundred sheets. However, it is cheaper for larger order quantities, for example, several thousand. In other words, the more you print, the lower the cost of each project.