How to become a professional wine sommelier

The sommelier mainly has a service-based role, because they usually work in restaurants to meet customer needs while ensuring wine paired well with the menu. Their role includes knowledge and experience in serving wines and manages the basement for tracking shipping, wine storage, and stock levels.

They are skilled in purchasing wine, wine tasting, and serving customers using suitable glasses, and training their colleagues and staff. Below we have collected expert guides about the requirements needed to become a sommelier. You can consider the best wine sommelier course via

The quality and skills needed to become a sommelier

  • Hard work

To be a sommelier, you must try hard to go beyond expectations. Sommeliers are good at adapting to different and fast environments at their feet especially when the demand to serve customers high. They also work hard to get a good knowledge of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, food food and wine and follow the latest wine trends.

  • Good research skills

Chasing a career as a sommelier involves independent research and learning about various types of wine and where they are cultivated in the world. In-depth research into different wines and how they are made will be proven to be a great piece of knowledge that will fundamentally prepare you for an exciting role. 

  • Study wine etiquette

It's important to have manners when handling wine and tasting it. Sommeliers are specialists in certain techniques such as how to pour drinks and how to serve guests. For example: holding a bottle near the base, giving the same portion, or ensuring a clean glass.

  • Good concentration

Sommeliers mastered multitasking art and good concentration because they deal with fragile bottles and glassware. To minimize human mistakes, they must ensure they provide accurate information to customers such as quoting the price of the correct wine or serving the right wine.