How to Fix Slow Moving Shower Drains

There's not much more embarrassing than being within an ankle-deep (or more) pool of water that is murky when you wash.

The dreaded half-bath is standing water. It occurs to all of us. Shower drains that are slow are usually the result of a slimy accumulation of all the things that go through the drain of the shower such as shampoo and soap as well as dirt and debris dead skin cells and hair. You can find the best drain cleaning services via

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Regardless of the cause, here are our best tips on how to fix a slow shower drain, from the easiest fixes to more complicated solutions.

Pour Boiling Water from the Boiler down the Drain

From the beginning, you'll need to boil some water before you empty the drain. This technique can assist in repairing slow drains by breaking down the less significant clogging agents such as grease and soap.

Use a plunger

We're familiar with the use of plungers for toilet obstructions, but this tool can be used to clear the drains in your shower as well. But, any obstruction that is deep within the pipes could be too deep to be able to be pushed out with a simple suction from a plunger.

Try baking Soda and Vinegar

If you prefer to stick with household items that are natural, baking soda and vinegar mix is a great method to clean the slow drain in your shower. This mix of household items serves as an effective natural drain cleaner that doesn't harm your pipes if it works.