How To Use An Ozone Generator

Ozone generators can be used by indoor gardeners to disinfect and deodorize grow rooms. You should consider the pros and cons of this option before you decide to go. Most people only use ozone as an emergency.

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Ozone generators have existed for some time. However, they were originally designed for industrial use and were too large and costly for urban gardening. 

They alter the molecular structure and function by safely removing offensive micro-organisms. This results in the elimination of unpleasant odors and the death of fungus, bacteria, and mold.

Ozone generators can be used safely. Some people can have problems if they are exposed to high levels of ozone even for a brief time. High levels of ozone found in grow rooms can cause chest discomfort, irritated throat, shortness of breath, and coughing. These symptoms are usually temporary.

There are also things you can do that will prevent your skin from being exposed to too much ozone. Many generators that are available at hydroponic stores can be used with your inline ventilation system. 

You can make the ozone purify the air leaving the grow room by setting it up correctly. This is a great way to reduce the concentration of ozone in your indoor gardening.

A timer is a great way to prevent overexposure. It can be set to turn on for 5 minutes approximately every 20 minutes. Ozone is serious business. Ozone is a serious business. You don't have to keep it running 24/7 to be productive.