Know About Home Accessibility

For men and women that are disabled, a normal home design can be challenging, from going up and down the staircase to just use the restroom. Having a few home mobility alterations, you should be able to fully enjoy your home with ease.

Ceiling mobility lifts are crucial accessibility tools for men and women that need assistance transferring safely from a bed, a chair, or the floor to your wheelchairs. Also, flexible shower slings for hoists are helpful in holding a disabled person while bathing.

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The wide range of slings available provides a secure solution for virtually everyone. Without pulling, tugging, or fighting, you can move from one place to another with dignity.

A track lift system that provides you all of the versatility and flexibility you could ever need. Whether you're moving a patient from a bed, chair, or floor, the mobile Voyager will always provide you with the same dependability and reliability. Our wide assortment of slings will assist you in all kinds of situations. Here are some features:

Weight: 5.5kg (12lb),

Vertical screen speed: 4cm/sec (1.6in/sec),

Lifting capacity: 200kg (440lb),

Up to 30 transfers using a load of 80kg (180lb),

Soft start & stop motion,

VPL-3100 Home Platform Lift

A porch elevator works like a home elevator. It's comprised of a rectangular or square platform, which serves as the floor of the elevator. The wheelchair is wrapped on the stage piece, locks in, and there you go.

Sometimes known as a porch elevator, Bruno's rugged and dependable wheelchair lift is a domestic elevator that offers efficient access to an accumulated deck, porch, or even floor to ground access in your dwelling.