Know About The Best Hybrid Cannabis Strains

The best hybrid strains combine the most enjoyable features of their Indica and Sativa genetic heritage. A good hybrid delivers a superb quality high which may often appeal to a broader range of cannabis users than either a pure Indica or pure Sativa. 

Many cannabis users prefer top hybrid strains because they carry the best features of Indica and Sativa varieties. 

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The key ingredients of top-quality hybrid strains

One important quality possessed by a good Indica-Sativa hybrid strain is heterosis. This is more commonly known as hybrid vigor, or occasionally it is referred to as ‘outbreeding enhancement’ by professional cannabis breeders. 

It is a property found when two sufficiently genetically different varieties of cannabis are crossed, or hybridized.

The result is greater growth vigor or heterosis than either parent. Heterosis is one reason why many people that grow their own feminized cannabis seeds, or autoflower seeds. They grow quickly and with good quality genetics, it’s difficult to beat cannabis seeds from the best hybrid strains. 

Hybrids combine benefits of Indica and Sativa strains

One important reason that hybrid cannabis strains have become so popular is that they often combine the most enjoyable features of the best Indica and Sativa weed strains. This can mean that you get the combined enjoyment of a deeply satisfying physical body effect with a stress-busting psychoactive euphoric high.

Of course, there are the Indica purists who pursue nothing less than 100% Indica. There are also the pure Sativa hunters who accept no compromise on their preferred Sativa genetics.