Know Why Dentists Remove Wisdom Teeth

A wisdom tooth is basically an extra set of molars that generally comes in the late teens to the early twenties. They are the last set of teeth to come in and be in the very back of the jaw. Most often they are removed because of complications of other teeth and jaw.

There are several reasons why a dentist will remove the wisdom tooth. A dentist will remove the wisdom teeth if they are compressed in the jaw or have difficulty growing into the mouth. Your dentist will usually recommend removal of wisdom teeth often do not grow in straight. You can know more about wisdom teeth and dental implants from various web sources.

These teeth usually cause pain and crowding of the teeth if not removed. They also can cause serious infections that can leak into the bloodstream. This is a normal and very common operation.

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A dentist usually spots wisdom tooth development in general check-up during a routine x-ray. You can only remove some or even all of them. Usually, there are four wisdom teeth but sometimes they do not all grow or needs to be removed.

Removing teeth before they actually developed allows for the removal easier and less painful to follow the advice of your dentist is important.

For the surgery, drug use and teeth removed, and stitches are placed at the back of the mouth where the tooth is removed. Recovery is generally easy and involves only moderate pain and good oral hygiene to prevent infection.