Local Truck Driving Jobs in VA – Being Paid to Be the King of the Road

The work of driving local trucks is what makes the community and economy run strong. Almost all products purchased and sold are on a truck at some point. This work, and the people who hold it, are important in many ways.

There are various types of operators based on the type of truck they drive. Most jobs related to this type of vehicle are driven by long-term drivers. These drivers are sometimes driving for the company but many are their own bosses and are responsible for ensuring that shipping up to the place is needed, on time.  You can get truck driving jobs in VA from various internet sources.

Companies that send packets to homes and businesses usually use light service truck drivers, also known as pick-up taking and shipping. Depending on what this driver delivered usually works alone but if their delivery they might have a helper that helps them load and decrease shipping. Often these drivers handle cash, documents, and other information.


The work of driving special local trucks can require truck drivers to hold certification in various regions such as hazardous materials, large loads, and special vehicles. These drivers usually have to continue the education hours to maintain their certification and must have a special driver's license. Usually, there are many documents involved in special truck drivers.

There are many companies that have drivers that send goods and sometimes sell the items they provide. Some examples include companies that provide uniforms, take laundry, provide inventory, etc. As mentioned earlier, many times these drivers are needed to make their sales and income based on their sales.

There may be a difference in hourly wages for various classes of work driving local trucks. The wage per ordinary hour for a light service truck driver is $ 13.27 and $ 10.70 is an average hourly wage for sales drivers. The driver who travels remotely is usually paid by Mile and can receive a bonus.