Maintaining your Bike for Maximum Performance

A bike that is well maintained will be a smooth-sailing machine. Regular bike maintenance is essential for any type of bike, mountain, or road. Your bike is not like other vehicles that require professional maintenance. It only requires your attention to ensure its safety and health. It can make a big difference by upgrading it with bike accessories, cleaning and lubricating the bicycle parts, and making sure that it is properly maintained. You can buy the best range of motorcycle accessories in NZ for your motorbike.

It is essential to clean, degrease and lubricate it in order for it to function properly. Use a warm bowl of water to mix the washing liquid and scrub the chain using a stiff-bristled toothbrush. You can use a degreaser to clean the chain. Let it sink into small cuts and links. This will remove any dirt or sticky residue you can't reach. Turn the cranks backward to allow the degreaser to reach all parts.

Bike Lift RS16 Rear Stand under bike

Use a cloth to wipe the chain and your fingers to clean the areas around it. After the chain has been cleaned, lubricate it. Spin the cranks to coat all the chains with the lubricant. Be light-weight and not too heavy with the lubricant. Light lubricants can be purchased at a bike shop, where you also buy other accessories. 

To clean the underside, use a small toothbrush. Use a thin piece of cloth to clean the derailleur outside and interior. Finally, lubricate it. To clean the rear derailleur, use a small metal spoke or a screwdriver. You must remove all dirt and debris.