Maximizing Efficiency of Aircraft Spray Booths in CA

Design and manufacture of spray booths for the aerospace industry for aircraft manufacturers as well as for assembly and parts manufacturers have been our specialty since 1977. Aircraft paint booths need to be customized to suit your unique manufacturing process – reliably tailor paint booths to your production needs while complying with all the different agency codes and regulations.

Spray Systems is committed to designing and building a spray booth for you that exceeds everything else and exceeds your expectations. You can browse online to find out about the best aircraft paint booth in CA.

All aerospace spray booths are specially designed to control the environment for all the essential finishing processes in your booth. Special electronic components such as electronic circuit boards require protective coatings and other sensitive electronic layers such as acrylic, silicon and urethane.

It is imperative that any design environment is flexible, efficient and effective so that these operations can be fully fulfilled. Spray Systems' highly adapted booths for the aerospace and high-tech industries can be used for conveyor lines as well as for low batch systems.

Your paint booth meets all federal and state guidelines for the collection of inorganic PAHs such as chromium and cadmium and, if required, for the destruction of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Spray booth sizes are rarely flexible, which means operators must carefully consider their needs when selecting the desired size and shape. Aircraft paint booths are usually much taller and wider than other industries, especially when used to finish or maintain finished vehicles.