Online Copy and Print Paper Supply at Office

A leading vendor of office and school supplies, we serve small and large businesses, government agencies, and educational institutions with valuable and useful products that keep their break rooms, stationery, and cleaning stocks full at all times. Copy and print paper are the most essential office stationery items to fulfill printing and Xerox needs. 

Here are some important details to help you decide if you want to purchase printing paper in the near future. These smart details could make it easy to order copies online and print paper supplies at Office. You can also get more information about paper supply via

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What kind of copy and paper should I buy?

It is easy to choose the right type of paper. The type of printer you use (inkjet or laser) will determine the type of paper you choose. It is also important that the paper chosen meets the purpose of printing a specific kind of document.

Cost cutting is an important aspect of running a business. Employees must cut down on expenses whenever possible. Let's discuss the copy and paper used to make copies, emails, and memos every day. There is no need for expensive paper for sending and receiving faxes or memos. Standard copy paper should be 92 brightness and 20 lb. Weight. You can also check out recycled paper options to save natural resources and preserve the environment.

Brochures, Presentation Papers & Flyers

It is a good idea to use high-quality print paper to impress clients or coworkers with your presentation, brochures, or flyers. This paper is high in brightness, with a range of 96 to 98. This paper makes graphics and photos more appealing and ink doesn’t show through on both sides. 

Inkjet paper with a special surface has a higher drying time than regular print sheets. It reduces the risk of printing smears or smudges. Laser papers have a smooth surface that reduces smearing. They also accept heated toner. They are a little more expensive than others, but they will be noticed by the audience.