Processes Of CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

A wide variety of materials can be cut with a laser. Paper and plastic can be easily and precisely cut with a laser cutting machine. Even 1 inch thick plywood can be cut with this machine.  Typically, the laser power is modulated to select different cutting rates.

Tiny mirrors are used to direct light from the laser to a specific point on the material. The base of the cutting area is made of honeycomb to transmit the laser beam. This should be changed regularly.

The CO2 laser engraver or China laser engraving machine is the most commonly available laser cutter in the industry today. It offers advantages over other laser types as it reduces costs, increases efficiency and available power ,so it has become the industry standard machine.

co2 laser cutting machine

Laser cutting machines are different from traditional mechanical cutting machines. Because the laser never makes physical contact with the material it is less likely to be contaminated. Laser cutting machines also cut materials with higher accuracy than mechanical means. Despite its advantages over conventional mechanical cutting, laser cutting is a quiet process. Safety is also important and that's why most laser machines are turned off completely to prevent accidents.

CO2-coated laser cutting is superior to processes such as oxygen or plasma. Efficient use of nozzles, feed rate, impulse regulation and precise gas pressure can produce a good square cut with a smooth finish. 

Most applications require minimal post-processing. However, CO2 laser cutting cannot reproduce the treated coating. Parts usually have a heat-affected zone, but this is small compared to more traditional processes. Thermal distortion is very low and this is one of the main advantages of this process.