Shipping Companies Provide More than Just Transportation Services

International shipping services and supply chain solutions move mail and cargo to more than 220 countries and territories. The best shipping companies provide services to simplify the supply side of your business.

The best shipping companies will do more than just see that your goods are moved from point A to point B. Look for companies that offer full-service support and fulfillment services.

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Some shipping companies offer warehousing services to make it easy for major shippers with large and consistent supply chains to manage their inventory. Warehousing allows businesses to temporarily store their goods before shipment, which helps businesses save on overall shipping costs.

Fulfillment services may offer a significant advantage to businesses that ship goods often. Instead of having to package and ship items yourself, you can hire fulfillment services to package and ship items from warehouses to anywhere in the world. This service allows you to focus on operating your business while another company handles the logistics of moving your cargo.

Customs, duties, and fees can vary depending on the goods, the shipper, the country, and demand. It is important to make sure your documentation is correct to avoid delays and penalty fees at foreign ports. The best shipping companies will know the terrain and help you navigate the importing scene.