Points to Note When Choosing a Quality After-School Programs in San Jose

Schools are more academically driven. Their aim is, to equip the next generation of students with the knowledge to cope with the future.

However, we can now see a shift towards building the experiences of youth during the hours away from school. After-school programs provide the child an opportunity to do comprehensive experience as well as enhance the skills of learning and understanding at the schools.

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We can count these programs as the strategies that can be employed to engage the child as well as the youth in various activities such as social, academic, and recreational.

While the need for such enrichment programs is widespread, their availability is not as universal. There are numerous youths who have got no access to youth-serving organizations.

School-based after-school programs can become the solution for youth-related problems like substance abuse, gang-related violence, and poor academic grades. The public as well as the policymakers, however, must balance the optimal surrounding of these programs.

Locating such a program in school may have its own strengths, but it comes with some unique challenges. The notion that a school building is an underused resource that stays open for around six to eight hours is too simplistic, to begin with.

After-school programming can be a promising strategy to enhance youth. It holds the potential to provide these youth with the opportunities to develop their essential skills.

After-school programs will have to compete for space, and the funders and policymakers need to balance this optimism surrounding its potential.