Why In California People Use Agile Methodologies To Develop Software

The agile manifesto was the first to introduce agile. It was created in 2002 by a group of developers in Snowbird, Utah, to share the principles behind lightweight software development. The agile methodology has been adopted widely by software development companies and teams around the world.

Agile is communication, teamwork, and collaboration. It also involves adaptability, feedback, iteration, and agility. That's why most people take agile software training in California. Each stakeholder must accept that the development initiative is broken down into short-term efforts.

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An organization must embrace agile concepts and philosophies at every level in order to successfully implement agile. Agile gives teams a framework that allows them to focus on delivering software quickly and providing real business value even when the landscape and technical assets may change or vary.  Agile allows developers to deliver valuable software that meets business requirements. 

How can we be sure that the software meets business requirements? Because all stakeholders are involved, quality and scope verification can be done in short iterative cycles. It is possible to quickly identify and correct any deviations from the intended purpose of a feature, or piece of functionality. With buy-in from all stakeholders, Agile can maximize productivity and reduce costs if it is implemented correctly. Although Agile isn't necessarily about cost reduction, it is an excellent side effect when implemented well.