Everything You Need to Know About Baptism Gowns

Baptism Robes are clothes that are worn by initiates when they are baptized. These words may refer to the role of the clergy in the baptismal rite. These robes are typically white, but they are also available in pink for little girls and light blue for young boys.

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During the time of the early Roman Empire citizens were often baptized naked in streams or rivers. To reflect changing attitudes regarding the human body, and modesty, baptism robes were developed over time. 

Adult baptisms require specific clothing. Because baptism involves immersing the whole body in water, they are designed to be wet. The baptism robes look almost like a choir dress without any ornamentation. 

There are dual-layered baptism robes for men and women that can be worn under the robe. The Victorian era was the first time that baptism gowns for toddlers were popular. Before that, toddlers were dressed in their finest attire. 

A nineteenth-century married woman would hand sew a dress for her first child, often embroidering it and using smocking needlework to embellish the bodice. 

A cap, a bonnet, or a shawl could be used for the baptism outfit. The christening gown was worn by both boys and girls, but the siblings could also wear it. 

The baptism gown was a precious keepsake that marked the joyous event. It was also often passed down to subsequent generations.