How To Deal With Your Air Anxiety On A Plane

Flying is a stressful experience for many of us. You're in an enclosed space, with lots of other people and things, and there's the whole "flying" thing to top it off. But don't worry – we've compiled some tips on how to deal with your plane anxiety on board so that you can have a better time! You may also browse this site for more insightful information.

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What Causes Air Anxiety?

There are many potential causes of air anxiety. It could be a fear of flying itself or a fear of heights or enclosed spaces. It could be triggered by a bad experience on a plane, or even by watching a scary movie that features a plane crash. Whatever the cause, air anxiety can be a very real and very debilitating condition.

How To Deal With Your Air Anxiety On A Plane

If you suffer from air anxiety, the thought of getting on a plane can be enough to send you into a panic. But there are ways to deal with your air anxiety and make flying a less daunting experience.

Here are some tips for dealing with air anxiety:

-Talk to your doctor about your anxiety. 

-Make sure you choose a seat that will make you feel comfortable.

-Don't drink alcohol before or during the flight. Alcohol can make your anxiety worse.

-Distract yourself during the flight.

Helpful Hacks for Flying Without Fear

1. Get to the airport early. 

2. Bring something to occupy your time during the flight.

3. If possible, choose a seat near the window. 

4. Avoid caffeine and alcohol before the flight. 

With these tips in mind, you can hopefully make your next flight a more enjoyable experience.