Domestic House Cleaning In Winter Season

Domestic house cleaning as a means of preparing the house for winter can easily be done in a green cleaning style. Essential to your domestic cleaning routine will be the provision of waterproof mats placed just inside all the doors that lead to the outside. 

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You can put down old recycled flat baking trays nearby to collect all the wet or dirty boots and shoes that may even be covered in snow and salt in the winter months. Actually, you will do a lot to protect your carpets if you avoid non-toxic de-icing products on your steps and other outdoor areas. 

 As prevention is the best way to limit the amount of domestic house cleaning during the winter, this is also the time of year to have heating systems and fireplaces cleaned and checked – some furnaces have filters that need changing, for example. 

The green alternative for your domestic cleaning is to have filters that you can simply clean yourself with warm water. Window cleaning is something we think of as a spring domestic house cleaning job, but it actually makes sense to get the windows clean before winter sets in, when it may not be so easy to open windows. 

Ammonia-filled window sprays are not good in terms of green cleaning, and your domestic cleaning window cleaning results will be just as good if you use a little vinegar in water, or lemon juice, or some dish-washing liquid.