The Benefits Of Individual Counseling For Addiction Treatment In North Shore

Evidence-based therapies form the bedrock of effective addiction treatment programs. Although many clinics use other strategies such as reality therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and biofeedback, evidence-based methods are employed in treatment centers across the nation. To know more about professional individual counseling visit

The three most widely-used evidence-based treatments are individual counseling in North Shore, group discussions, and family counseling.

They all have their place in a holistic rehab program, but the one-on-one counseling sessions have time and again proven to be most effective at helping addicts make personal breakthroughs and lasting lifestyle changes. Here are several of the benefits of this type of treatment.

When rehab patients begin counseling, their rehab clinicians help them discover the root causes of their addictions. They face a challenging but rewarding process of questioning and personal reflection, and they identify the negative thought patterns and emotions which contribute to their drug use.

They also learn to identify their addiction triggers – the people, places, and even physical objects which lead them to use drugs. For some addicts, avoidance is a more involved process and requires greater forethought and planning.

Finally, avoidance may not always involve people or things that are directly related to drugs. Some people experience powerful cravings when stressed, for instance.

Frustrating people or fast-paced work environments may act as triggers. Avoiding these things can be difficult, but addiction counselors will help their patients create effective strategies for doing so.