Types of Motorcycle Fairings

There are many different types of motorcycle fairings, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. Here are the four main types of motorcycle fairings: windscreen, full body, half body, and slip-on.

Windscreen Fairings: Windscreen fairings are the most common type, and their main purpose is to protect your face from wind and debris. They also reduce noise and heat from the engine. Some windscreen fairings have vents to help cool you down in hot weather. 

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Full Body Fairings: Full body fairings are a little more protective than windscreens, but they don’t offer as much protection from wind or debris. Full body fairings usually have straighter lines than other types of fairings, which gives the bike a more modern look. 

Half Body Fairings: Half body fairings are a compromise between full body and windscreen fairings. They offer some protection from wind and debris, but they’re not as strong as full body or slip-on fairings. Half body fairings look more like traditional motorcycle gear than windscreens do. 

Slip-On Fairings: Slip-ons are about as protective as windscreens, but they don’t cover the entire fairing. They’re best for bikes that are used on a daily basis and want to keep their looks, but protect themselves from damage. Slip-on fairings look similar to full body fairings, although slip-on fairings have sharper lines than full body fairings. 

Tail Ornaments: While not technically fairings, tail ornaments are fitted to the end of the rear fender or back of the rear seat support bracket. They add a little extra protection from road debris and can also prevent mud and other water from getting into your bike’s tail section. Tail ornaments are usually made out of plastic and come in different shapes and sizes.