Telemedicine – Know The Changing Face Of Medicine

Telemedicine changes the way we practice medicine. It is simply to use audiovisual media to transfer clinical information for consultation, diagnosis, training, and even the performance of remote medical procedures. 

This technological aspect of medicine is growing rapidly and it is only a matter of time before it becomes more public. You can get effective procedural telemedicine via  to support complex cardiovascular procedures.

Videoconferencing allows the patient to see a medical specialist in another place. The patient/doctor meeting occurs at a similar time to a live broadcast. 

Tools have been developed that allow the clinician to evaluate cardiac monitoring, vital signs, etc. In addition, otoscopes and stethoscopes have been adapted to this technology that is similar to the doctor being in the same room as the patient.

The use of telemedicine is versatile and can go anywhere. Its potential benefits include:

  • Increased accessibility to medical care – especially in rural areas

  • Decrease in visits to emergency rooms and doctor offices due to home surveillance

  • Improved health outcomes due to previous treatment and diagnosis

  • Support for clinical education programs

  • Support for patients and families

  • Reducing prolonged trips with its adverse environmental effect

Although the use of telemedicine is very exciting, some key factors need to be taken into account before its use becomes universal. These included:

  • Legal Complications, Laws, Code of Ethics

  • Compensation of the services provided

  • Clinical risks

  • Reduction of personal interaction between the doctor and the patient