The Best Punch Shield For Boxing

The majority of people are unaware of the significance of the Punch Shield. What is the reason you need the shield, even when smaller and lighter punch mitts offer the chance of a more varied learning solution?

You can throw heavy punches, while your training partner moves you around the ring. You can also look for the best boxing training (Which is also called ” boxeo entrenamiento in Spanish) from various online sources.

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Further, a Punch Shield reduces some of the wear and tear on the coach. Punch Mitts are great, but they don’t allow a coach to tolerate very many full-power shots.

Read on to learn more about the Punch Shield and where it fits into your training program. 

What is a Punch Shield

A punch shield is a thick, circular pad. The pad itself is often 5-7 inches thick and made from a dense substance like molded foam or dense-packed fibers. It is then enclosed in a durable material like leather. Shields often have handles attached to the outside edge to provide a trainer with greater control.

A punch shield provides a trainer with a sturdy, maneuverable target for training fighters. It can tolerate very powerful blows, like a kick shield or thai pad,  but its round shape is designed to handle punches. You will often find a dot, logo, or other target images at the very center of the pad to facilitate accurate strikes.