Tips for Maintaining Your Commercial Oven

Although the oven is the heart and soul of the kitchen, it is often overlooked. Your commercial oven’s efficiency and longevity can be affected if it is not properly maintained.

Always read the manual

Always consult the manual before you do any work on your commercial oven. You should read the manual carefully to ensure you are familiar with the oven’s specifications and know-how to repair or maintain it. 

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Keep a Clean Schedule

Your commercial oven may have a self-cleaning function, but you still need to maintain it properly. Combining these features with a regular cleaning routine can increase life expectancy and preserve the oven’s efficiency.

Calibrate Buttons

Consider the amount of use your oven gets every day. The buttons are one of the most used parts of your oven. This is the feature that your oven is most frequently used for. They need to be calibrated over time. The buttons can become less efficient and may even cause problems with your oven’s functionality. 

Test for Heat Inefficiencies

Heat inefficiencies can develop over time due to constant usage. Poor heat setting and efficiency maintenance could lead to spikes in heating costs and heat diffusion around the oven. It could be anything, from worn or faulty seals on oven doors to damaged thermostats and poorly calibrated programs.

Managing Spills & Boilovers Immediately

Spills are a common occurrence. They can have a significant impact on the performance of your commercial oven. 

If they aren’t cleaned up immediately, spillages and boil-overs can cause the unit to become carbonized and tarnished. It is important to set priorities and manage these messes in order to keep your commercial kitchen in top shape.