Tips for Safe Air Compressor Operation

There are mainly five basic steps involved in safe air compressor operation. However, you can also choose the best industrial air compressor online.

1.           It is important to check the level of the oil and ensure that the compressor is properly lubricated.

2.           Turn on the pressure switch and close the tank drain valve for petrol or diesel-powered engines. Ensure that all the plugs are correctly grounded in the outlet.

3.           It is essential to adjust the pressure of the tool according to the job preference. Never exceed the pressure which is recommended for that particular job.

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4.           Make sure you switch off the motor, unplug the unit and turn off the regulator valve when the job is done. It is important to tighten the valves again in order to stop leakage of air and avoid using pliers to twist the valves.

5.           Drain tanks after usage because they can get rusted up due to the moisture present inside.

However, it is essential to read the operator manual and carefully follow all the rules of safe operation. For safety reasons, it is necessary to wear safety glasses and hearing protection while using a compressor.

Check out the compressor regularly for any visible problems and make sure that the pressure safety valve-ring is operating appropriately.

More importantly, never ignore the filter because it helps to protect the compressor pump from dirt and dust. If an air compressor unit is operated in a dusty environment then it is essential to clean the air filter more often..