Understanding Your Medicare Home Health Care Benefits

It can be daunting for caregivers and their families to search for information about how to care for loved ones and elders. It is important to distinguish between Medicare-covered home care services and all other types of home care when gathering information. We will be explaining what Medicare Home Care is, and how you can find out if your loved one qualifies. 

What is Medicare Home Health Care Care?

Home health care is skilled nursing care, as well as other services for treating injuries or illnesses in the home. Home Health Services is one of the Medicare services available to seniors. Medicare beneficiaries must meet the requirements to be eligible for these services. They must also be recommended by their primary or specialist physician.

Medicare beneficiaries who believe they might need Medicare home health care should check to see if they are eligible. It does not provide general care or a chore-worker service. Medicare home care is limited, specific, at-home care that is related to medical conditions. Sometimes, it also includes personal care services.

Alzheimers & Dimensia Care

These Medicare home care services must have been prescribed by a doctor and provided by a licensed agency. A beneficiary must have a medical condition that requires periodic care from a skilled nurse/therapist. The plan of care will outline the services that are covered. The eligibility and coverage of beneficiaries are strictly evaluated so that the beneficiary's care needs and conditions can be fully disclosed.

Medicare Home Care Qualifications

A discharge from a hospital or rehabilitation facility can often lead to an elderly person needing assistance. The patient's doctor would, often in consultation with their family, determine the need for in-home care and prepare paperwork to refer them to home care.