Visit Dry Eye Clinic In Toronto For Checkup

Dry eye syndrome causes the eye to feel dry. This is due to excessive tears being produced by the lachrymal. Other than these glands, there are other types of glands in the eyes: the meibomian and goblet glands. These glands produce different parts of the tears. 

The syndrome occurs when one of these glands fails to produce the necessary amount of tears. This syndrome occurs when there is swelling in the lachrymal or ophthalmic glands. This swelling can cause them to produce insufficient tears. You can visit a dry eye hospital in Toronto for regular checkups.


This disorder can also be caused by a problem with the meibomian or other glands. Dry eyes can be caused by a bloating of these glands located at the periphery. Dry eyes can occur even if you are not taking the medication regularly. Dry eyes can be caused by antihistamines, oral contraceptives, and decongestants.

This disorder affects between 10 and 30 percent of the world's population. This syndrome is estimated to affect 90 million Americans. This syndrome is more common in older people and females over 40. A lack of adequate tears can also be caused by hormonal changes.

This syndrome can be easily diagnosed by a simple doctor's clinical presentation. Comfort levels can be increased if the cause of the condition is easily identified. There are many causes, including a low quality or lack of tears, a disease, and poor quality. This can lead to rheumatoid or Sjogren syndrome. These diseases can cause dryness of the eyes.