Ways To Produce Marijuana Seed

Clones are a great way to produce more of the same type of cannabis without sacrificing THC. You can plant your favorite plants and grow, but when cannabis plants produce seeds naturally produce less THC.

However, branches can easily have the same level of THC as a father. You can also clone some special plants for producing seeds for future use. So do not be discouraged when most of them die. To purchase marijuana clones online you can also opt for marijuana plants for sale at https://mendobros.com/.

You can also buy marijuana clones online. But first, you have to check several online sites. After rank websites by their appearance, you can now read the comments of rating agencies cannabis or honest reviews from previous clients.

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Choosing mother plants

Cloning starts with the selection of the parent plant. Do not rush to decide which plants will be cloned. It is necessary that the plants are strong, they grow fast, have high yields, have large roots, and strong shooting.

Marijuana plants growing indoors and outdoors are suitable for cloning. However, it is best to reproduce the environment. In other words, it is easier to clone houseplants indoors or outdoors.

The best way to make plant cuttings is in the vegetative stage. You can drink during flowering, but your plants will find it more difficult to take root, increased the mortality of its branches. If cloning plants and roots cut flowers desired, there are also other differences.