What Are Fender Eliminators

A fender eliminator is a device that helps you to replace the entire front end of your vehicle. This includes the headlights, turn signals, and all other lights on your vehicle. While it is possible to do these repairs yourself, there might be some time-consuming intricacies that you would need to deal with in order for them not to cost you an arm and a leg. 

Benefits of Fender Eliminators Kit

Installing a Fender Eliminator Kit is a great way to improve your riding experience and make your bike more comfortable. 

Here are some reasons why you should consider installing one on your bike:

-A Fender Eliminator Kit will reduce wind resistance on your bike, making it easier to cruise along in a smooth breeze.

-A Fender Eliminator Kit will also keep the rain and snow off of you and your bike, making them much more comfortable to ride in bad weather.

-A Fender Eliminator kit also helps to keep your bike clean and free from scratches and dings.

Alloy Tail Tidy / Rear Fender Eliminator Kit for Water-Cooled T100 & T120 | TEC Bike Parts

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Bikes come in all shapes and sizes, but not all of them have rear fenders. If you’re riding a bike without rear fenders, your bike is less protected from the elements. This means that if there is an obstacle in your path (like a pothole), you’ll likely end up getting hit. A good way to mitigate these risks is to invest in a fender eliminator for your bike; this accessory will add extra protection to your ride by shielding it from the wind and rain.