What Are Gaming Glasses And What Do They Do?

Bright light blasting from artificial screens isn’t exactly natural, nor is staring into them for hours on end, so your eyes strain to keep up. More often than not, this eye strain manifests in the form of blurry vision, headaches, and/or dry eyes.

Some people even experience eye migraines – severe headaches that can cause temporary loss of vision in one eye. That is why you should choose high-quality lenses for your VR headset. You can also navigate www.vr-wave.store/ to get VR prescription glasses online.

Anti-reflective coating

These special glasses usually reduce reflections and glare from your screen. Even the lens itself can reflect light back into your eye without this coating.

Anti-reflective (AR) coated lenses deflect stray reflections from the front and back of each lens. Less glare can result in easier eye focusing, better color contrast, and faster response times.

Blue light protection

You may have heard of flashing lights. Electronic blue light is similar to daylight but less intense. Glasses usually have protection against blue light. This colored coating gives the product glass its characteristic yellow color. There are even blue light glasses for the kids.

Many people report calmer eyes and better sleep when this blue-violet part of the visible light spectrum is blocked.

There are clear and colorless glasses available to gamers, but they may be less effective. In general, the clearer the lens, the less blue light is blocked. The clearest glasses with blue light block about 10-20% of blue light, while yellow or amber glasses can block up to 65-75% of blue light.

Slight improvement

To further reduce cross-eye and eye strain, a slight magnification can be attached to your gaming glasses. Think of it as a full-time boost button. You are unlikely to see this improvement. The effect is temporary, so your vision won't be affected if you don't wear glasses.

Popular brands often use very little power in their glasses. Computer glasses, which are sometimes interchangeable with gaming glasses, also offer magnification.