What is an Omnichannel Customer Experience?

An omnichannel experience is a coordinated journey that spans multiple customer touchpoints to provide a seamless customer experience. If done right, customers can start their journey on one channel and continue on another while receiving a constant level of support. If you want more information regarding omnichannel customer experience, you can contact us now.

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This type of strategy considers the entire customer journey, from initial discovery to after-sales support. For example, if you purchased an Apple product online and need help, you can talk to a representative over the phone.

They make sure that tickets are available to branch staff, so you don't have to start from scratch and explain why you're there when you arrive at one of their locations.

The Difference Between an Omnichannel Customer Experience and a Multichannel Experience:

Imagine you receive excellent phone support from an Apple representative, but when you walk into the store, they have no idea why you are there. 

This is a classic example of a multi-channel customer experience, where a company uses different communication channels to interact with customers, but each track is managed separately and works with a different strategy.

As a result, customer information is usually closed, making it impossible to provide a complete customer experience.

With an omnichannel strategy, each channel is connected and coordinated with the others to ensure a seamless experience. For example, customers can ask pre-sales questions through your chatbot, purchase your products through your website, and get support through your ticketing system without the hassle of you or having to start from scratch.