What Is Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising Service?

Advertisers recognize that communication outside the home is necessary for a successful marketing campaign. Lifestyles are changing as more people spend their time away from home, leading to increased consumer mobility. More and more people are living far from work, so travel to work is taking longer. Television today consists of hundreds of channels that allow people to increase their channel surfing activity.

As more and more companies look for new and innovative ways to get their message or product out to the public, they have turned to technology for help. One of the fastest-growing advertising methods is out-of-home advertising, which is also known as digital OOH marketing.

out of home advertising

Also referred to as digital advertising, in-store TV, and dynamic location-based media, digital advertising is making a significant media move outside the home. Digital outdoor advertising is a marketing method that involves the delivery of advertisements in specific locations that are usually seen on television or the Internet: that is, advertisements in digital media are broadcast outside the home. Digital outdoor advertising varies by screen size, placement, content, ad format, environment, and target audience.

The selection of creatives and program types is based on the following criteria:

Format: Screen display can range from small screen to large screen. Formatting methods can include TV-style videos, Flash animations, and ads. In addition, some ads have both audio and text formats.

Environment: Advertisers want screens to appear in areas that reach their target audience. This can include shopping malls, doctor's offices, supermarkets, taxis, bus stops, cinemas, etc. Age, gender, and type of people who usually visit the area are also taken into account.