What Is The Raspberry Pi Smart Mirror?

The Raspberry Pi Smart Mirror is also called a Digital mirror or magic mirror. The magic mirror that represents everything from modern time and day to climate information, scheduled appointments, or the latest news headlines. 

Chances are you've seen a Raspberry Pi smart mirror on YouTube or elsewhere on the Internet. The Raspberry Pi Smart Mirror is always as easy to manufacture as it is today. There are so many companies like mango display that provide better information about Raspberry Pi Smart Mirror.

Raspberry Pi Smart Mirror

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Raspberry Pi Smart Mirror is an open-source smart mirror behind which you feel like the most beautiful and smart person.

MagicMirror is an open-source project created by a large group of enthusiasts around the world and includes APIs that allow third-party developers to build additional modules that expand its functionality.

Since MagicMirror has very minor hardware requirements, it worries which version of Raspberry Pi you choose. There are two ways to install the latest version of MagicMirror: you can either do it manually or using an automatic installation script.

Both of these options are described in great detail on the official website of MagicMirror, but we recommend you make things easier for yourself and go with an automatic installation script.

Most Magic Mirror users are trying various third-party modules and trying to make their Raspberry Pi magic mirrors more useful and inspiring.