What makes a perfect volume lash fan?

The perfect volume lash fan must have equal spacing between the individual lashes, a ratio of size between the body and the base of the fan, and a 3mm area for glue application, and it also must be symmetrical.

The quantity lashes is a technique in which multiplied lash extensions are fanned out and applied to one natural lash (one too many). We as human beings love seeing perfection around us, so anything that’s a bit off tends to be considered ugly. It’s for this reason that a perfect volume lash fan has to have the exact right proportions. 

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Using ‘Imperfect fans’ can be tempting but look at the result here. When using the perfectly crafted fans, the overall look of the set is much neater and pleasing.  

     Wide fan vs. narrow fan

Everybody loves light and fluffy look, a wide fan is a way to go. Being that it is not as dense as other types of volume fans, the lashes will appear shorter and less impactful. 

So make sure your client is aware of this before you begin. When working with wide fans, make sure you don’t leave the stem too short as that will affect retention.

The overall width of the fan should not be wider than 6mm (¼ inch). The fan wider than this tends to look messy and make the application quite tricky.